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Writing to Jeremy

In September 2019, Jeremy was summoned to appear before a grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia. While he is resisting this unfair and unjust summons, he is being held at the William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center in Alexandria, Virginia. This is not a federal prison and has different rules than what people may normally be used when writing and sending things to Jeremy. Please read this page carefully for everything you need to know about writing to Jeremy.

Jeremy’s current address is as follows:

Jeremy Hammond
William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center
2001 Mill Road
Alexandria, VA 22314

General rules to remember when writing to Jeremy and other prisoners:

  • Please do not talk about anything illegal. Remember that all letters are screened, so please do not talk about anything you would not feel comfortable saying in front of police, a prosecutor, a judge or jury.
  • Include a return address in the body of your letter if you would like a reply as envelopes do not always make it to prisoners.
  • Please do not enclose extra stamps or envelopes with your letter. While the thought is appreciated, they are prohibited and Jeremy will not receive them.
  • Please do not include money with your letters. The best way to donate to help Jeremy is to visit our Donate page.
  • Please be patient when waiting for a return letter. Jeremy is currently having trouble sending outgoing mail, but please be assured that he reads and appreciates every piece of mail he gets.

Please note: since being transferred to Virginia, there are again new rules as to what is acceptable when writing to Jeremy. Please read the following guidelines carefully, as deviation from them will cause your letter to be rejected and returned to you:

  • Letters may only be written on white paper and mailed in white envelopes. No colored paper (not even off white) will be accepted. Lined notebook paper is acceptable. You may, however, send colored drawings. Please do not decorate the outside of your envelope.
  • Letters with any kind of scent will be rejected. Please do not use any kind of scented pens or markers, and please do not spray any sort of perfume on the paper.
  • Please do not affix anything to your letter. Stickers, glitter, or anything affixed to your paper with glue will cause your letter to be rejected. Please do not use them.
  • Greeting cards and postcards are banned. Please do not send them. Flikshop cards were previously acceptable, but appear to not be allowed at this facility.
  • You must include a return address on the outside of your envelope.

Send Jeremy articles

Please do feel free to include articles that you think Jeremy would like to read. Jeremy has requested articles concerning Anonymous and articles from anarchist or similar alternative news sources. He says that he and his fellow inmates are starved of news of current events – a common sentiment in many prisons. You can also include silly memes or cute kitty pictures (because, hey, prison is serious enough!). However, since transferring to Virginia, it is important to note that photocopies are banned. Articles printed directly from the internet should be fine. We will seek further clarification on this.

Send Jeremy books

As of September 2019, Jeremy can no longer receive books where he is currently incarcerated (the William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center in Alexandria, Virginia). We thank everyone that has sent him books over the years. We are keeping this information here not only in case Jeremy is transferred back to a location where he can receive books, but as a resource so that people can buy books for other prisoners. Books have been a vital lifeline to Jeremy, and are so important to all prisoners. Please consider donating to your local Books Through Bars chapter to help get books into the hands of prisoners who desperately need them. If you do not have a local Books Through Bars chapter, please visit Chicago Books to Women in Prison, DC Books to Prisons, Seattle Books to Prisoners, Books Through Bars Philly, Prison Book Program, or NYC Books Through Bars to find out how you can help!

There is a lot of down time in prison – especially for Jeremy, whose communication with the outside world is severely restricted. We have asked Jeremy what would help him pass the time and have received one overwhelming response: books.

Jeremy is a voracious reader who enjoys everything from graphic novels to autobiographies to political works. Jeremy’s Amazon Wishlist lists books that either he has directly requested or books on topics we know he enjoys. The list should show books that are yet to be purchased for him by default, but you can filter the list by clicking ‘Filter and Sort’ at the top of the list and then selecting ‘Unpurchased.’

Buying discounted books for prisoners

Discounted books for prisoners can be bought from:

  • AK Press: Note in the comment section at checkout that the book is for a prisoner to receive a 30% discount on your order. You will not see any immediate discount at the checkout – the discount is applied when AK Press processes your order.
  • PM Press: Use the code ‘FOPM’ at the checkout for a 50% discount on your order.
  • Haymarket Books: Use the code ‘FREEJH’ at the checkout for a 50% discount on your order.

The books available to purchase with discounts from the above suppliers are listed on Jeremy’s Amazon Wishlist with accompanying notes and links to the relevant supplier, should you wish to take advantage of these discounts.

If you wish to buy books from outside of Amazon, please remember:

  • Please note: Private citizens were previously able to send Jeremy books directly. This is no longer the case. Please make sure all books sent to Jeremy come directly from a publisher or distributor. Used books from Amazon are fine.
  • If you purchase a book on the Wishlist from an outside source, please let us know by emailing so that Jeremy does not receive duplicates.
  • Jeremy may only receive 3 books per package. If you wish to send more books, they must be broken up into separate packages. If ordering from a retailer like Amazon, this may mean placing multiple orders.
  • Jeremy still cannot receive any items other than paperback books, zines, letters, articles, or photos through the mail.

New books will be added to Jeremy’s Wishlist periodically as we get requests, so be sure to keep checking back.